About Us

About Nelson Strategic Consulting (NSC)

Nelson Strategic Consulting (NSC) works with trade associations, professional societies, philanthropic organizations, NGOs, and intergovernmental organizations to design high performance governance systems, strengthen board performance, develop strategy and craft strategic solutions to challenges. NSC collaborates with you to develop customized, practical, solutions for your governance or strategy development needs.


NSC works with you to assess your governance challenges and enhance the performance of your board. Our goal is to create a high performing, strategic thinking board that adds value to your organization and its stakeholders, while at the same time creating valuable experiences for the board members themselves.

We collaborate with you to design and facilitate board retreats, conduct customized board training sessions, analyze and design a high performing governance system and strengthen your board orientation program. Our approach is strategic in nature and often begins with root problem analysis and painting a picture of your envisioned high performing board and governance system. We take a comprehensive approach and consider board structure, practices and policies in the context of your organization’s culture and / or the culture you would like to create.


NSC collaborates with you to design strategy development processes that result in strategies that provide a roadmap to your organization’s desired future outcome, whether it is an outcome for a the organization at large (strategic plan), a grand challenge or a specific issue. We believe that strategies must be developed strategically and the development process must be congruent with your organization’s culture. Equally important, strategy needs to be integrated into the organization’s operation and aligned with the capacity potential of the organization to guarantee a win.

Although our strategy development approach itself is designed to build strategic capacity, we also provide additional counsel on further strengthening your organization’s strategic capacity. We help you to create an environment where strategic thinking permeates your organization from top to bottom.