NSC works collaboratively with you to design a process that is a match for your organization’s culture and budget. We approach the process from a “CEO to CEO” perspective with the vantage point that as a chief executive officer you are adept at strategy development. What we bring to the table, with over 20 years of CEO and global strategy development experience, is objective insight and a different perspective to enrich the process. We create a situation where you can fully engage in substantive content discussions, thereby allowing your organization to take full advantage of your unique insights, while we facilitate the process.

NSC begins a collaborative deep dive into discovery to gain a thorough understanding of the challenge you face, clarifying the root causes and defining your needs and expectations. Next, we explore with you the different types of information and data, extracting the most important insights that would be useful to your strategy development process. We’re also able to identify methods for collecting the data that make sense for your particular situation. We then design a two-day strategy development think tank. During the design phase, we work with you to identify the best mix of people to participate at the think tank to ensure that we have optimal diversity of expertise and perspective. Depending on the type of think tank we are designing and the needs of the organization, we will create customized worksheets for participants to complete prior the think tank.

Although no two think tanks are exactly the same, we engage the participants in strategic conversations using creative and analytical thinking methodologies in large and small group formats. Often, we sprinkle in a little humor as well! Our goal is to end the think tank with a clear set of priority strategic initiatives that will form the basis of a cohesive strategy. We arrive at this state by further exploring the challenges at hand and creating a shared understanding of the root causes, followed by an engaging analysis of environmental forces that can impact your organization’s desired future state. Finally, a set of priority strategic initiatives that can influence these forces is developed. We also engage the group in a discussion about what types of metrics would be useful to gauge progress on the ultimate strategy.

Within two weeks, and often sooner, we provide you with a written report that will act as the basis for your strategy. The actual report format is dependent on the type of think tank we are conducting for you and your internal staff capacity.

After submitting our report, we work with your team to design an operational / execution plan that aligns with the strategy document. In addition, NSC will provide counsel and insight on increasing the strategic capacity of your organization, thereby increasing the probability of success of your desired future outcome.