Our View on Strategy Vs. Good Strategy

Strategy is simply a plan to move from a current state to a desired future state. Good strategy is a cohesive plan to move from a current state to a desired future state, developed by applying diverse perspective to defining and systematically investigating a problem. Good strategy must be developed using all three components (diverse perspective, problem identification and problem investigation); using any one or two of the components will result in incomplete strategy, the wrong strategy or no strategy at all.


One moves forward strategically by understanding the current state and envisioning future states, and developing a good strategy that impacts environmental forces in a manner that results in realization of the future state.


Good strategy is dynamic, not static. It must be fully integrated with an operational plan and reviewed regularly. You must be willing to continually challenge assumptions and be open to modifying strategic initiatives as well as metrics. Good strategy development and great execution require a desire to continually build the strategic capacity of an organization.