A Simple Formula for Good Strategy: DP + 2(PI) = GS Part I – Diverse Perspective

Developing good strategy doesn’t require a complicated process. There is no denying that developing good strategy is hard work, but, the reality is, the formula is simple: Diverse Perspective + Problem Identification + Problem Investigation = Good Strategy.

The genesis of all good strategy is applying diverse perspective to properly defining and systematically investigating the problem. All three components overlap and must be used; using any one or two components will result in an incomplete strategy, the wrong strategy or no strategy at all.

This article focuses on the use of diverse perspective. Click here and sign up to get the next two articles on problem identification and problem investigation.

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The Master Key to High Performing Boards

An effective strategy cuts through the clutter and focuses on what will make a difference. If you had to choose one area of focus to improve the performance of your Board, what would it be? In High Performing Boards, Gazley and Bowers report that the “benefits to be gained from a more strategic orientation are…
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Three Simple Steps to Keep Your Strategy Off the Bookshelf

The easiest way to create organizational change is to change the agenda. If getting your strategy to permeate your organization’s culture seems like a Herculean task, then this article might be for you. Although the end goal is to transform your organization into a strategic thinking entity that embodies your strategy, there are some simple steps…
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