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Scenario Planning Made Easy: COVID-19 Strategic Decision Making

The COVID-19 crisis presents a decision making environment with many critical uncertainties. Yet, association executives will be faced with the need to make strategically sound decisions. More so, there will be an expectation that the decision making process itself is sound and strategic. In this environment, scenario planning is an ideal methodology to use as…
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Virtual Retreat : 11 Design Tips

Many executives and association strategists wonder whether viable virtual retreat options exist to replace in-person strategy development and strategic problem solving retreats. The answer is: yes. One can host a successful, virtual, daylong strategy development or strategic problem solving retreat where those that are engaged at 9:00 am are still fully engaged at 5:15 pm.…
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Virtual Retreat: 8 Step Design Process

If you’ve made the decision to utilize an online, virtual retreat for strategy development or strategic problem solving purposes, the success of the retreat will be heavily tied to the investment you make in designing the retreat and the design process.  Virtual Retreat Design Considerations As is the case with most program design, one must…
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