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Designing an Engaging Board Orientation Session

When designing a board orientation session, it is important to keep three key factors in mind. First, you must consider what a new member of the board needs to feel comfortable and to become a contributing member as soon as possible. Second, you want to instill in the new members a clear sense of their importance to the organization. Third, you want to design a program that is inviting and motivates veteran board members to attend.

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Undertaking an Initial Association Merger Assessment

Have you ever thought about merging your association or organization with another organization? In today’s increasingly competitive environment, one way to enhance member value and create efficiencies is to merge with another organization. Of course, mergers aren’t for everyone.

So, once you think it might make sense to merge or your members raise the issue of merging with another organization, what is the next step?

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Dialogue: Six Fundamentals

In today’s fast paced world, does your board still take the time to dialogue?

Yes, we engage in discussions and deliberate issues, but we rarely slow down and actually dialogue. Engaging in dialogue at board meetings can add value to an organization through the creation of new ideas, the formation of shared meaning, and the free flow of diverse perspective. Also, a practice of dialogue can contribute to strengthening trust and relationships between board members.

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Delegation: Six Steps

Effective delegation is often thought of as one of the most challenging management skills to master. Yet, delegation is one of the most powerful management skills. In fact, if you are not an effective delegator, you are shortchanging yourself, your employees and your organization.

Successful delegation entails delegating the right things to the right people at the right time, along with the authority and resources needed to carry out the assignment.

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