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Four Step Performance Improvement Plan

As managers and leaders, as Ken Blanchard stated, if we want to “help people reach their full potential, catch them doing something right. In fact, wouldn’t be great if we started each day with the goal of catching our employees doing something right and giving them immediate positive feedback?

Unfortunately, even if our default position is to catch people doing things right, there will be times that an employee’s performance doesn’t meet our expectations. When this occurs, immediate feedback is also necessary. Of course, unlike positive feedback

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Succession Planning is Not What You Think

Too often, I have heard board members define succession planning as having someone on staff that is ready to step in should the CEO, in a planned or unplanned manner, leave the organization. At best, this is transition planning, but not succession planning. And, I would argue that if an organization’s “transition planning” is limited to this, the organization as a failed transition plan.

While a transition plan is part of a succession plan, it is not the most important part of the plan.

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