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Engaging Grand Challenges: A Four-Step Process

Successfully engaging in grand challenge strategy starts with CEO leadership and passion. But, it takes a team to identify a noble purpose that is a match for your organization and a village to develop a grand challenge strategy.

As the world continues to get smaller and association executives seek vehicles to ensure a future where their organizations thrive, the answer may lie, in part, in embracing a grand challenge initiative. Engaging in grand challenge strategy gives back to society and pays benefits to the association, yet so few associations take a leadership role in this area.

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Grand Challenge Engagement Benefits Associations

Addressing grand challenges can benefit your association, and deliver value to your members and the broader community. If your end goal is to deliver value, increase member engagement, increase retention and membership / customer growth, and elevate the prominence of your organization and industry / profession you represent, a grand challenge strategy might be the answer.

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Leading Grand Change

Associations are uniquely placed to tackle complex global challenges. Taking a leadership role and not shying away from grand challenges is the right thing to do for mankind and can benefit your organization as well. Although this article focuses on grand challenges of a global nature, its premises hold true for complex challenges on a smaller scale as well.

Today we are confronted with an ever-growing list of grand challenges ranging from hunger to global warming to water scarcity to disease. There are also complex challenges that are unique to various global supply chains. Although many grand challenges appear most prominently in the developing world, as the world becomes smaller and smaller, these challenges will be at our doorstep, if they aren’t already.

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