Issues Management Vs. Crisis Management

Strategic issues management is acting early in the life cycle of an issue for the purpose of managing the outcome of the issue, before the issue elevates to a crisis. It is acting in the zone of preemption. Crisis management is acting in the zone of reaction, after an issue has elevated to a crisis. Diagram Zone of Preemption Strategic issues management requires acting early in the life cycle of the issue. The longer you wait the fewer options you have to manage the issue and advert a crisis. More so, as an issue progresses along its life cycle, the costs of influencing the issue increase, as does the probability for harmful legislative action. The key to successful issues management is early identification of potential issues, along with the identification of potential stakeholders. When identifying potential stakeholders, it is important to identify allied as well as opposition stakeholders. With a clear understanding of stakeholder positions, strategies can be developed to eliminate or reduce the negative impact of opposition stakeholder action. If you have an interest in issues management, subscribe to my blog to get more articles on issues management strategy. In the meantime, why do you think so few people invest in strategic issues management? What are the barriers?

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