Grand Challenge Strategy Development

As the world becomes smaller, society is faced with an increasing number of grand challenges. Many of these complex social, political, economic and environmental issues threaten industries and communities throughout the globe.

Force field analysis underpins our approach to the development of strategies that address grand challenges. Impacting these grand challenges begins with clearly defining the challenge, finding the root cause, identifying and convening an optimally diverse group of experts and stakeholders, and visualizing the desired outcome or future state. It also includes analyzing circles of influence. We employ creative thinking and analytical techniques to examine environmental forces and, through active listening and managing group dynamics, develop a set of strategies that pave the way to the future state.

Grand Challenge Strategy / Strategic problem solving services:

  • Creating clarity and consensus around the challenge
  • Identifying root cause(s)
  • Identifying the right group of optimally diverse experts and stakeholders
  • Defining the future desired state
  • Employing creative thinking techniques to identify driving and restraining forces
  • Utilizing analytics to identify high impact forces based on circles of influence
  • Developing strategic initiatives to achieve the future desired outcome