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Overcoming Misperceptions

Whether negative perceptions about your organization are accurate or not, they can get in the way of executing on your mission. In other words, misperceptions can be as damaging to your organization as are accurate, but negative, perceptions. As the old adage goes, perception is reality. As such, misperceptions must be taken seriously and often dealt with in the same way as accurate, negative perceptions.

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The Right Answer is Death Knell of Good Strategy

As a society, we are so accustomed to being asked to find the right answer that we often don’t look beyond that answer. This can problematic when we develop strategy. In fact, it can be problematic anytime we are trying to solve a problem.

When developing strategy, it is imperative to think strategically. And, a key component of strategic thinking is creative thinking. Creative thinking is also vital when solving problems outside of the strategy development realm.

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Engaging Grand Challenges: A Four-Step Process

Successfully engaging in grand challenge strategy starts with CEO leadership and passion. But, it takes a team to identify a noble purpose that is a match for your organization and a village to develop a grand challenge strategy.

As the world continues to get smaller and association executives seek vehicles to ensure a future where their organizations thrive, the answer may lie, in part, in embracing a grand challenge initiative. Engaging in grand challenge strategy gives back to society and pays benefits to the association, yet so few associations take a leadership role in this area.

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