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The Right Answer is Death Knell of Good Strategy

As a society, we are so accustomed to being asked to find the right answer that we often don’t look beyond that answer. This can problematic when we develop strategy. In fact, it can be problematic anytime we are trying to solve a problem.

When developing strategy, it is imperative to think strategically. And, a key component of strategic thinking is creative thinking. Creative thinking is also vital when solving problems outside of the strategy development realm.

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9 Reasons to Expand Strategy Development Participants

High performing boards engage in strategy development. But, high performing organizations engage more than just their boards in the strategy development process.

Although it is the Board that is responsible for approving strategy and 68% of non-profits report that staff and board work jointly to develop the strategy (Gazley & Bowers, High Performing Board), good strategy is developed by actively engaging a broader group of stakeholders.

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Strategy Development is a Cycle, Not an Event

Strategy development doesn’t end with the creation of a strategic document. In fact, it is an ongoing cycle. Strategy Development is a Process, Not and Event Part I provides an overview of many of the components of effective strategy development that occur prior to a strategy development retreat. This article focuses on the continuing strategy development cycle beginning with the strategy document.

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Strategy Development is a Process, Not a Retreat

Strategy development is an ongoing process, not something that occurs every three years. Yes, a strategy development retreat is a critical component of a healthy organization and a necessary element of nonprofit strategy development, but developing good strategy requires thinking strategically at every turn (strategic thinking culture) and an institutionalized and ongoing strategy development process.

A comprehensive strategy development process consists of many components. Utilizing the components throughout the year will ensure solid market position awareness, contribute to the development of good strategy and build the strategic capacity of the organization.

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