Strategy Development – Who is Responsible : CEO, Board or Receptionist?

The best strategy in the world isn’t a good strategy unless it can be communicated and executed. Although the CEO is responsible for leading the strategy development process, and the Board has ultimate fiduciary responsibility for determining strategic direction, an organization is missing an opportunity if it doesn’t engage the entire staff in the development of strategy.

Engaging the receptionist in the process is laying the seeds for strategy communication and strategy execution. But, this involvement does so much more by:

  • Expanding the diversity of input and providing valuable insight. As the gatekeeper to our organizations, the “moments of truth” the receptionist encounters are invaluable;
  • Contributing to our responsibility as leaders to develop our staff and building the strategic capacity of our organizations. In today’s competitive environment, the organizations where strategic thinking permeates the culture will always have the competitive edge over those organizations that aren’t strategic thinking entities.
  • Creating ownership in the strategy and realizing that buy-in will pay off leaps and bounds in strategy execution and in continual strategy improvement.
  • Communicating in a very visible way that we value the input of everyone on our team, including the team member that should be on the top of the organizational chart.

The bigger takeaway here is that when developing strategies, whether they are organizational strategies, issues management strategies or problem solving strategies, significant strategic thought must be given to who we should have “on the bus” and at what stop they board.

Who do you engage in strategy development and what criteria do you use for selecting the strategy development team?

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