Thanks so much! You did a phenomenal job designing and facilitating our senior staff retreat. We left with a clear understanding of what differentiates high performing teams from work groups, a road map to build high performance staff teams at ASEE, and the knowledge & skills to make it happen. Also, your ability to energetically engage the staff in productive dialogue as they developed a consensus plan for enhancing the work culture / experience was noted by all.

Norman Fortenberry, Executive Director, American Society for Engineering Education

Thank you for designing and facilitating our Board retreat. Your thoughtful and professional approach was just what we needed and resulted in a design custom fit for the NAPP Board. Your interactive / creative approach allowed us to effectively address current issues impacting our Board and organization, and learn and practice some new methods that will enhance the Board’s ongoing performance. We found your use of case studies and priority setting methodology especially helpful. As a result of the retreat, the Board has a better understanding of good governance practices and a set method for acting on what we learned. All in all, a very satisfying experience.

Sarah Gabriel, Executive Director, National Association of Patent Practitioners

The collaborative approach you used to design the strategic problem solving think tank was as notable as your ability to facilitate a session with a large and globally diverse audience. I was also impressed with how you helped us explore a complex problem and led the group through a creative and analytical process resulting in a clear set of strategic priorities and initiatives.

Alex Serrano, NCBA, Vice President, Program and Business Development

The innovative, participatory methodology you used allowed us to achieve the results we thought were impossible to obtain. Your ability to strategically orchestrate, lead and animate the very diverse group of finance and coffee professionals was remarkable. You successfully brought together leading financial institutes, credit organizations, researchers, and national coffee institutions to develop a series of actions, ideas and plans that still have a huge effect today in reducing producer risk through access to credit for technologies and training at the level of the farmer.

Tim Schilling, Executive Director, World Coffee Research