...[your] innovative approach to strategy development was remarkable. It was especially impressive to see [you] keep such a large diverse group of leaders focused throughout the day, even more so considering the language barriers. It was impressive how [you] elicited hundreds of ideas from us that we then funneled into seven succinct, practical strategic initiatives.

Miguel Zamora, Director of Coffee Innovation, Fair Trade USA

Your design and facilitation of the strategic problem solving session was nothing short of amazing. It was impressive to see you work with an internationally diverse group of thought leaders, dissecting a complex global challenge, and applying creative and analytical thinking to build innovative, strategic solutions.

David Browning, Senior Vice President, TechnoServe

Thank you for the time and effort you spent on the campaign analysis and strategy. The final plan document remains, in my view, one of the best internal studies I have ever seen of a campaign and community – and I have seen many of them over the years, including at the national level. Well done. Without question, you are the go-to person for any nation, industry or organization wanting to strategically chart a relevant, more vibrant future.

Mayor Stephen Reed, Former US Mayor

I was impressed with the collaborative approach you used to develop an issues management strategy for our group. Your creative thinking techniques blended with analysis and critical thinking methodology resulted in a comprehensive issues management strategy that not only took into consideration the potential actions of a wide array of stakeholders but also provided us with a strategic roadmap for a positive outcome.

Dan Steffen, Ph.D., Principal – Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, A-D Policy Analysis, Inc.